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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell Kits?
    At the moment no. However, we would like to one day. Please subsribe to our newsletter for future updates.
  • I am having trouble downloading my file(s) what should I do?
    Please contact us so we may help you. But please allow between 1-2 business days for a reply.
  • I have made a cross-stitch using one of your patterns can I sell it?
    Yes, you are allowed to sell a completed cross-stitch you made following one of our patterns. However, you are not permitted to resell the pattern itself. If you do decide to sell the finished cross-stitch online(on sites such as Etsy or eBay etc) we would appreciate it that you leave a link to our shop where you bought the pattern in the item description.
  • What size hoop should I use?
    For round or square cross-stitch patterns a hoop apromately 8-inch in diameter works. For oval or rectangle patterns a 8x12 inch hoop works the best. You can buy hoops at Amazon, Etsy, Michaels or JoAnn.
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